Monday, February 4, 2019

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wishing my readers a prosperous year ahead! I will take a break from posting about financial matters and instead post some my favourite hong baos for this year, and from my collection over the years.

Let's kick it off with UOB's geometric pig motif that is quite unique. The texture of the packets is fabric-like and the gold overlay really stands out

Deutsche Bank's pop-up butterflies for 2019 deserves a mention.

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken's hong bao from a previous year.

Barclays hong baos are known for their vivid and intense zodiac themes.

Aberdeen's paper cutting hong bao of 2012 is another favourite of mine. The delicate dragon-phoenix cutting against a gold backdrop is simply amazing.

My collection of Credit Suisse hong baos. I have ten animals of the zodiac thus far, with just two more years to go before I have a full cycle. As one of the very few bank that have been producing hong baos according to the Chinese Zodiac faithfully over the years (not to mention with much effort and quality), I look forward with much eagerness to their annual production.

But for 2019, UBS takes the crown with their avian-themed hong baos. The visually-intricate and rich design,  velvet-like fabric material coupled with gold overlay and embossment of the birds and floral motifs puts their hong baos a league above all the other banks.

祝大家新的一年 财源滚滚 万事如意 阖家平安


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